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Angie's story


TAK heard about a young lady that had just lost her 2 younger sisters on the same day to Leukemia.  "Angie" (not her real name) wanted desperately to see them one more time before they went to be with Jesus.  In the course of a day, we had raised enough money to send her and her foster mom to visit.  Unfortunately, she wasn't able to get there in time and they passed away before she could kiss them goodbye.  And there is more.  Her birthday was that week and it went largely uncelebrated because of the tragic circumstances at hand.   

So we decided that every young lady needs a little fun in her life every once in a while.  Angie would get that and more!  The Sunshine Club partnered with the Nashville Zoo after we learned that Angie loves animals more than anything else.  She also is fascinated by science and how things work.  Because of the kind sponsorship of the Zoo, she and her foster family were treated to a VIP tour of all the animal cages, behind the scenes look at how the animals are fed, cared for, and trained.  They were allowed to feed the animals and ride the new zip line.  Angie had a great time, but her "Queen for a Day" experience wasn't over yet.  After a fun lunch at the zoo, all five girls, including her foster mom, were treated to mani's and pedis. All girls need a little spa time before a fine dining experience, right?  We partnered with Maggianos to give these 5 special ladies a magical, fine dining experience and after everyone was pampered and full, their evening entertainment awaited them. Tickets to the stage performance of Beauty and the Beast rounded out their special birthday celebration.  They were 5 tired ladies at the end of the night, but OH WHAT A DAY!  Angie's wide eyes and bright smile were all we needed to know that it was a day that will always remain in her memory bag to pull out and remember what a special young lady she is!