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Bess is a born and raised Nashvillian but met her Husband and business partner of The Knox Team at Zeitlin & Co., Realtors while modeling in New York City.  They have been married since 2008 and are the proud parents of a 4 year old daughter and a two year old son and are loving raising them here in Nashville.

Bess has a BA in Psychology and is a NYU certified life coach, and Speaker

Bess speaks as an Adoption Advocate and also uses her platform as a Former Ford Model & 1st Curvy Fit Model to speak to women of all ages about body image, self-esteem, identity, worth and purpose.


Bess is passionate about being a voice and advocate for the unheard child.  As someone who was both fostered and adopted as an infant through DCS in the state of Tennessee its and honor to get to be a voice to engage the community to come around the kids currently in the foster system, at risk, and aging out to meet their various emergent tangible needs. She loves that God has called her to share her story so that she gets the opportunity to tell their stories. She believes once people know these stories they will jump at the opportunity to help meet these tangible needs. She feels most people just haven’t been educated on the countless ways they can help other than becoming foster parents. Not all people are called to foster or adopt but we all can make a very tangible difference by coming around these local children and showing them love in the midst of their trauma.  She can’t think of a greater joy than knowing you made a tangible difference in the life of someone in need, especially when that someone is a vulnerable child.  She's thrilled to get to serve with Tennessee Alliance for Kids in our mission to educate and engage the entire community, particularly the local faith based organizations, as well as the business world on how we can all come together and make a powerful difference!