What is CarePortal?

CarePortal is an interdenominational network of U.S. churches collaborating with local child welfare stakeholders for the benefit of children and families in their community.  Through relationships accelerated by technology, CarePortal empowers local churches and agencies to partner and establish a culture of Church Centered Child Welfare. When Child Welfare workers identify needs of local children and families, they go online to CarePortal and submit a request for help. This request goes to local churches that then have the opportunity to meet the needs of these vulnerable children and families.  


Churches can help in the entire spectrum of child welfare services as shown by the grid below. Churches help keep families together, support foster and adoptive children and families and ease the transition of youth from foster care to independence.  

Churches help through:

• Tier 1: physical investments of cash, goods or services to stabilize the home of the child and family

• Tier 2: face to face support including mentoring, tutoring, babysitting, parenting classes or help with transportation for children and families, foster families and adoptive families

• Tier 3: becoming family to those in need through preventive programs, being foster and adoptive families, and providing homes for youth aging out of foster care.

To enroll your church follow the link below. (opens in a new tab):