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katrina's story

In December, we met and celebrated a hero!  We’re saying a real, live, flesh and blood hero.  Katrina has been raising children for many years.  She is a single mom barely making ends meet for her 3 children still at home.  One night she received a phone call with an unfamiliar voice on the other end that went something like this, “Hi Katrina, I'm with DCS.  We have your daughters children in custody and would like to know if you want to come get them.”  Katrina’s life was forever changed that night.  Her oldest daughter had struggled for years with mental illness.  At a breaking point, her children were removed from her custody and placed with their grandmother to raise.  What would any of us do with such a drastic, unexpected life change in a matter of just a few minutes?  Because of Katrina’s strength, she rose to the task before her and started making a place for her two little newbies.  At 6 months and 18 months, these two littles became the center of life change that propelled Katrina into the foster system.  No…she didn’t need to go into the foster system, she could have raised them as a custodial parent. But, she wanted to be a foster mom because she knew it was truly going to take a village to raise these two sweet blessings.  She did her homework. She prayed, believed, and took one step at a time.   Her needs were so great that for many of us, we would have been overwhelmed and tempted to give up.  But Bonnie dug her heels in and went to classes, talked to people, got information and began to act on it.  As a special ed teacher with 3 children to provide for, she had little time to spare and now she was faced with another hurdle of getting her home set up for two babies and making sure they were loved and cared for. 

That’s when we heard her story and decided a very special Christmas was in order for this bustling household.  We partnered with Tulip Grove Baptist Church to bring this family a Christmas even Santa would be scratching his head over!  The beautiful family of Tulip Grove Baptist stepped in to fill all, yes I said all, of the needs this single mother/grandmother was experiencing.  They have rallied around her family to keep in touch and make sure they are doing okay even after the holidays are long gone. 

Watch the video to see how this special surprise worked.