Programs Powered By TN Alliance For Kids

The Sunshine Club

TAK heard about a young lady that had just lost her 2 younger sisters to Leukemia.  We began to dream about the "what ifs." What if we could provide some fun for kids in hard situations?  What if we could make some magic in young lives that have never experienced magic before?  What if we could make magic on a regular basis for multiple families?  Thus, the Sunshine Club was born. 

The Care Portal

CarePortal is an interdenominational network of U.S. churches collaborating with local child welfare stakeholders for the benefit of children and families in their community.  Through relationships accelerated by technology, CarePortal empowers local churches and agencies to partner and establish a culture of Church Centered Child Welfare. 

Safe rooms

TAK is involved in the strategic development of Safe Rooms, designated space typically within churches, where children waiting for placement can wait and avoid further trauma, while their case managers look for a placement for the child/children. They are staffed with trained, loving people to help kids through the transition of placement in homes.