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Sandra Ney

Ever since she was a design student, Sandra had longed to own a company with a purpose. A driven woman with a servant’s heart, Sandra knew her talents and her passion for design were meant to serve a greater cause. 

After college she took a job as a designer for the Beverly Hills Polo Club. The position allowed Sandra to gain a tremendous amount of experience, but she still felt that pull to design with a purpose. She started a children’s clothing line in 1992 but shortly after her husband’s band moved them to Nashville. Once there she could not find pattern makers and manufacturing, so she hung up her patterns and raised her 4 children. 

Living in Nashville for the past 24 years, Sandra has had the opportunity to design an outfit for Trisha Yearwood, to work with Wynonna Judd and to be a wardrobe stylist for many TV shows and bands in town. In 2011 Sandra was invited to design for a new denim company called Southern Blues denim Co.This re-ignited her passion for designing and creating. In 2015 she decided to follow her dream and vision from years ago and started her own clothing  line called Will & Ivey. 

"The mission of Will & Ivey is very simply to weave peace and purpose through fashion," says Sandra.  

To be there in early mornings when mommies and daddies and caregivers are getting a toddler dressed with clothing of grab and go easily-coordinated, modern, comfortable, minimalist designs.  The elixir for early mornings.


Will & Ivey's goal is to inspire one to take on their day with purpose. Through a program with TN Alliance for Kids, Will and Ivey strives to bring awareness of the needs of children in the Foster care system. A constant need are backpacks for children who have  been removed from their home. They are filled with age appropriate, comforting items that the children can call their own. These backpacks bring so much love and joy during a time of crisis. Will & Ivey takes a percentage of their profits to continually try and keep backpacks filled. 

With Will & Ivey, the fashion-forward consumer will be inspired to live each day purposely while bringing hope to some of the world’s most desperate places.  Where world changers and fashion collide.