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It all started when...

Grace tragically lost her twin sisters just before her birthday. TAK stepped in to create a special day for this Science and animal- loving young woman. The Nashville Zoo, Maggiano's, and Lipscomb University were just some of the community partners who joined TAK in making its first ever Sunshine Club a day Grace and her foster family will not soon forget!


Church partnerships allow TAK and The Sunshine Club to come around families in big ways...especially during the holidays! In December, Tulip Gove Baptist Church heard about a special mom and her family and joined with The Sunshine Club to make some serious wishes come true! This mom of four, and special needs teacher for Metro, hoped Santa would bring her a double stroller and two high chairs for
the young grandchildren in her guardianship. But, Tulip Grove had BIG LOVE in mind with their partnership with The Sunshine Club, and gave enough surprises to fill a sleigh...or in this case, the Honda Odyssey the family drove away in!


Auja, a Belmont freshman, is a known leader--just ask anybody in her Young Life group. With dreams of going on her first international mission trip, Auja was approaching the trip departure date and lacked the funds needed. Some DCS social workers appealed to The Sunshine Club on Auja's behalf, and we knew it
was the perfect fit! The Sunshine Club learned it was also her birthday and put together a team-building surprise birthday party at The Escape Game and showered her with cakes, balloons, presents...and a check to pay for her international mission trip with Young Life!

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In a little corner of Memphis, a young lady named Crystal had dreams of overcoming her odds and opening her own restaurant. The Memphis Culinary School and Olive Garden wanted Crystal to know they believed in her dreams, too, so they joined together with The Sunshine Club to give this rising chef a special high-school graduation gift that will shape her future! The Sunshine Club also provided Crystal
with a new laptop and gift cards to her favorite stores so that she will be set for her first day in college!


The Sunshine Club believes in making dreams come true. So, when a young person in foster care graduates high school and makes plans to continue their education, we can't help but celebrate them! The Sunshine Club was delighted to come around each of the 27 graduating seniors from Davidson County who are going on to continue their education and provide them with gift bags which included gift
cards, electronics, journals and more!

Our Mother's Day Sunshine Club recipient said "Love is the most priceless gift you can give." We couldn't agree more. Bridgett gave up retirement to become a foster mother to some very special boys. When Cross Point Church heard about this family, they knew they had to be a part of helping us return the priceless gift of love to this special family. Together, The Sunshine Club and Cross Point worked to
surprise Mrs Bridgett with a bushel of love that included a membership to the YMCA, tickets to the movies, a children's museum, petting zoo and a generous check to help pay her bills while she was off of work to take care of her foster son while he was having a complicated surgery in Atlanta.

For Father’s Day, the Sunshine Club came around a man well known by DCS in Nashville, Mr. Welbeck. Originally from Ghana (in West Africa), Mr. Wellbeck has long called Nashville home. He and his wife have opened their home to more than 300 teenage boys in DCS foster care! These placements are generally hard to make, however Mr. Welbeck’s home is always open and he runs a tight ship. TAK was able to surprise him with a new flat screen TV, grilling equipment and gift cards to make this Father’s Day a little more special.
In cooperation with our amazing partners at Philanthropy Ministries, the total amount of The Sunshine Club love given away (to date) is $35,871!

Every month TAK will choose a deserving individual or family who has been nominated to make a very special dream come true. We need your help to find them.  If you have a special person that you would like to nominate, fill out the form below keeping in mind that you cannot nominate yourself.

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