Tennessee Alliance for Kids (TAK) engages the community to meet the emergent and ongoing needs of children in foster care, those at risk of coming into foster care, and those aging out.

HOW do we do WORK?

Tennessee Alliance for Kids engages the community by:

  1. Creating an infrastructure so they can respond.

  2. Meeting the tangible needs of the children currently in the system, at-risk of coming into care and aging out.

  3. Building networks within the community to provide support to foster, adoptive, and biological families.

  4. Strategizing local “Safe Rooms” for the children who are awaiting placement with a foster family.

  5. Equipping and encouraging those who are on the front lines every day – the social workers – who work tirelessly to keep these children safe.

TAK has launched out of a regional movement that's been 12 years in the making. Think of us as bridge builders - bridging the gap between the needs of children in foster care and the community.


Tennessee Alliance for Kids depends on your donations to meet the needs of the vulnerable children across our state.  Thank you for considering making a tax deductible gift to TAK today!