The #FosterLove coalition is made up of communities around Tennessee who come together to meet the emergent and ongoing needs of children who are at risk of coming into foster care, in care, or aging out. 

The #FosterLove coalition, aka: “#FosterLove” has received 423 requests from Department of Children’s Services or DCS, which translates to the emergent needs of 665 children. In March 2017, TAK started tracking the primary purpose of the request.  Since then, TAK has met needs that have kept 136 children from coming into foster care or to reunify them with their families.   

How our #FosterLove program works: When a case manager identifies a need of a child, they go to the DCS login on our website where they login to a password protected portal to access a request form. Once completed, the request is submitted to TAK. TAK then establishes if any additional needs are present (example: if a grandmother has just taken custody of her toddler age grandchildren, the request might be for a high chair, but further communication might reveal the infant needs diapers and clothing, etc). 

Once the request is solidified, TAK shares this need via Facebook with individuals, churches, businesses, etc. TAK works to ensure the needs are met within the timeframe that the case managers have designated based on the circumstances. Those items are delivered directly to case managers at Department of Children’s Services to give to the children and families. 

Here's how your community can be a part of this coalition as TAK works to give more #FosterLove:  

1.  "Like" our Facebook page
2.  Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to receive our newsletter and  receive updates for how you can help.
3.  You can also GIVE today (select "#FosterLove Emergent Needs" on the menu options.)  As you give, consider making a reoccurring gift at any level to help TAK better plan for the emergent and ongoing needs they are asked to provide for Tennessee's children.

If you'd like to discuss this more, please reach out to us today!  You can like our Facebook page for requests and updates as they come available.  You can also sign up for our newsletter HERE to get the latest news on a monthly basis or sign up below to get in contact with us and receive email alerts when needs come in.

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