The Story Of The Foster Child

For too long we have heard the word "foster child" and stigmas flash in our minds. Let go of those stigmas for a moment and imagine…

You are a little girl asleep on a pallet on the floor. Suddenly, you are awoken to the sounds of people yelling, lights flashing and strangers in your home. This is not a burglary. It's the police coming to arrest your parents, who have been running a meth lab out of your home. A strange woman places you in the back of a car. You cry for 30 minutes until you arrive at a building to sit and wait. You have now entered into the foster care system.

That's the story of a real life child... And there are thousands more stories just like it happening every day in our community. Statistically, this little girl will go from foster home to foster home until one day she can either be re-unified with her family or she ages out of the system.

We care about the life of this little girl… and we know you do too.

The State has the burden of caring for our children when their parents cannot - or do not. Frankly, the State should be responsible for making laws that govern a society, but for too long they have also been helping to raise our children. We believe the Church wants to help, but they do not know the need or how to meet it.  Our job is to give the Church a vehicle to respond to the hurts that exist in our foster community.