We are grateful for our tribe that steps up to the plate on a regular basis to help us meet the needs of our foster community!  YOU give us the ability to step in when DCS has needs.  



On July 20th, 2017, I contacted the Tennessee Alliance for Kids for emergency help with a homeless mother and child who were needing help with temporary housing while the Department worked with the mother on a plan to move forward and be successful. Not only did the Tennessee Alliance for Kids help meet the need of the family, they did it with compassion and empathy for what the mother was going through. While the situation didn’t resolve itself immediately, the mother has made positive strides to overcome her obstacles so that she can be the best mother that she can be for her child. Thank you, Tennessee Alliance for Kids for helping to keep our families healthy and together whenever possible!

-Hope, DCS CPS

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Tennessee Alliance for Kids (TAK). We contacted you because of a young man we had transitioning from being in group home/residential placement for over two years, to being on his own to go to college. He had very little family support and no financial assistance from anyone. TAK was able to secure him a bed, chest of drawers, bicycle, mattresses, bedding, gift card and several other items. He would have had none of these things without the assistance of Tennessee Alliance for Kids.

 You all have also been so awesome to work with and have worked around our crazy time lines and even went above and beyond to reach out to churches when his housing option feel through. I know he is so thankful, as are we, as I honestly don't know what we would have done without all the help!  Also thanks for being so kind and giving words of encouragement when it seemed like we would never get it all worked out on our end and that has meant the world. You all have truly been a blessing!

--Becky, DCS

As a caseworker with DCS for over 14 years I was thrilled with the almost instant response from TAK and the outpouring of help from the community. I found it easy to make the referral and received the help needed within a few days. For the child, the help was monumental and well appreciated because he would not have been able to get all of the clothing items that he actually needed had we only been able to rely on the initial clothing allotment from DCS due to this child’s unique needs. 

 --Jennie, DCS Caseworker

"Tennessee Alliance (for Kids) was able to help provide a 9 year old girl with a bed. She had recently been placed with her cousin and everyone had to do a bit of bed swapping. Which landing this sweet girl in her 4 year old cousins bed. She was less than thrilled to be sleeping in what her mind was a baby bed.

When I showed up with her new bed she was so excited! She sat and watched eagerly as me and her cousin less than gracefully put it together. Once together she helped me make it up with her new comforter and sheets. Then immediately laid on the bed grinning for ear to ear.

Her cousin was so ecstatic to be able to have everyone back in their own beds and for her to be off the couch and in her bed!!  You guys made one little girl's day and one parent beyond relieved to be able to have her children and her new relative all comfortable and happy! Thank you guys so much.

Everyone in that home will be sleeping much more peacefully thanks to you guys!"

-- Melissa, DCS

You are the best! We had an infant boy with special needs in need of a larger car seat for safety and comfort. The car seat provided was great and provided him with room to grow and fit him perfectly.

 -- Ann, DCS

I am so grateful to the Tennessee Alliance for Kids for their help in meeting the urgent needs of the family I was working with. I feel like so often, DCS case managers are faced with so many crises per day, that it becomes the norm to feel overwhelmed and powerless; and when people ask for help for things outside our job description, it becomes the norm to say, “I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do about that.”

This family, in particular, has had so many terrible things happen to them that were out of their control. They have lost so much, and experienced such great trauma. Their home is one of the only things they had left. I cannot imagine what losing their power/ electricity in their home, on top of everything else they were already dealing with, would do to them. The mother’s youngest child, who is a toddler, had just been discharged from the hospital after having an emergency procedure done. The oldest child recently completed inpatient psychiatric rehab. The father has financially abandoned his children, and has further traumatized them by his continued substance abuse. I truly did not think the family could emotionally or mentally deal with another battle to fight. The family would not have been able to remain in their home without electricity. Your agency prevented an ordinary day from turning into yet another horrible, traumatizing day for this sweet family. I am so grateful for Tennessee Alliance for Kids for answering my desperate request for help, and giving this family the opportunity to remain in their home (and I know they are too!).

--Sarah, Investigator