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For more than a year, the Tennessee Department of Children's Services (DCS) talked with TAK about a need for something that could come around the young adults who turn 18 and "age out" of foster care.

Nationwide, 64 youth age out of foster care every day and find themselves with no support at age 18. 75% of youth who age out of foster care suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, less than 3% will earn a degree in college or vocational school. 20% of all youth who age out of foster care will become homeless. 75% of the young women who age out of foster care will be pregnant by their 21st birthday.

In Tennessee, young people who turn 18 and desire to continue their educational paths (complete high school or a high school equivalent, job core, vocational or trade school, community college or college, fall into a category called "EFC" or Extension of Foster Care. 

These young people often have no "formal" supports in place as they navigate the complicated work of transitioning into "adulthood". Many are getting their first apartments. Most have little to no financial resources to pay rent, utilities, buy groceries, take care of transportation. All the things that come with adulting. 

Mostly, young people just struggle with not having another older adult there to patiently walk with them through the dailyness of life. TAK has broken all these areas into four "buckets": Physical Needs, Life Skills, Well-being, Future Needs. There are many things that fall under each bucket, however without first establishing a relationship with these young people, TAK doesn't believe the ability to truly speak into their lives will be the same. 

So. We're creating space for relationships, first.

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YABO (Young Adults Beating Odds): a one of a kind relational journey for young adults who’ve aged out of Tennessee’s foster care system that provides opportunities for growth and relationship building through shared experiences. 

YABO has a Youth Advisory Board (a group of 4 young adults who are in EFC) and are helping to create this space. YABO is by them, for them, because of them. 

But we need YOU to help make it happen. You bring the relationships...the life experiences. The space these young people need you to hold for them. 

TAK and the YABO Youth Advisory Board will be creating opportunities for young adults and more "mature" adults to come together to have fun in various ways as we create relationships through shared experiences. Our goal is for you and these young adults to form organic relationships where you'll have opportunities to learn from one another and have richer lives because of these relationships. 

As this work continues, we'll put intentional learning opportunities in place. Right now there is an IMMEDIATE need for "mature" adults to volunteer on our YABO Launch Team. Opportunities include helping with:

  • Emails

  • Scheduling

  • Planning

  • Applications

  • Transportation

  • Sponsorships

  • Fundraising

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